Films — Animation  Vanellope and Ralph from Wreck-It Ralph. The friendship s crowning moment is Edward s impassioned speeches to the wounded Audley: Prince Edward: Dear Audley, if my tongue ring out thy end, My arms shall be thy grave. Altough (understandably) Stepan is angry with him at first, they quickly strike a friendship as Bean attempts to return Stepan to his father. Thelma and Iola in     Music  In Cory s Coming by Harry Chapin, a young man frequently visits Old John Joseph. More or less the entire point of My First Mister, where 17-year-old Jennifer becomes friends with 49-year-old Randal stages of dating kid version. Even after Yuyuko has spent about a thousand years as a Cute Ghost Girl Yukari is still many times her age and outclasses her in every way possible, but they remain close friends. She actually spends a lot of time parenting Nick, who s likely well into his twenties.

They travel together to Barcelona to watch the Grand Prix Finals. This caused him to be sacked for having a father s love for her. Later, when Carol had a TV special, she hesitantly called Lucy to be a part of it, and before she could even get it out, Lucy asked, What do you want me to do. Sonic and Knuckles are also this for Tails. Even Romana, a Time Lady and his equal, was younger by about six hundred years. He may have fallen due to being distracted by Marty (having traveled from 1985 to 1955) calling him on the phone. Doc then gave Marty a part-time job helping out with experiments, helping in the lab, and feeding Einstein.

Alternative Title(s): May December Friendship :: Indexes ::. Beautiful Girls has a very young girl (played by Natalie Portman from The Professional) and an older man. This is commented on regularly (and was even an episode premise)..
. Another intergenerational friendship existed between O Brien and Bashir, who were in their forties and twenties respectively when the show started. Tiger Bay revolves around the friendship between a Sympathetic Murderer and the 11-year-old girl he kidnaps after she witnesses his crime. ..


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